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Shredders Machine:
We are the leading manufacturer of loose light metal scrap shredders system, which are safer and more convenient then other Shredders. These machines are build in-house and had passed our strict company norms. We incorporated more than 30 years of experience to come up with these far advanced, highly robust and long lasting machines.

We manufacture both Cross-cut and Strip-cut Shredders. These mechanical devices cuts waste metal into strips or small pieces for the purpose of reused the waste scraps. These Shredders  made from good quality steel that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Other components such as rubber shock mounts, electronic sensors, and a thermally protected motor comes with  12 months warranty.

For industrial use, we supply powerful Shredders, which can easily shred harder material through rotary shear then powerful hammer blow.

Our clients are spread across the globe ( UAE, Australia, African Countries, Europe, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Singapore etc.) and the list are endless and includes highly reputed large corporations, and government agencies that need to  recycled the waste materials.It is sure to provide you with life long trouble free services.

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